Our History

Established in September, 1998 by Dr. Bishwa Ranjan Singh Shahi, Viswa Consult Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading engineering consultancies in Nepal which provides consulting services to various clients of Nepal in the field of civil engineering. This Consulting Firm is established with the commitment to excel and render engineering consultancy services various development activities covering Highways, Bridges, Agriculture, Forestry and Socio-Economic studies, Water Resources and Hydropower, Irrigation with surface and ground water use of water besides the geo-technical investigation works.

Specialist services related to the pavement designs, foundation investigations, structure designs, landslide exploration and design of mitigation measures to control the landslides, material survey and construction material testing are some of the specific areas of commitments of the firm.

The firm is well established with the latest material testing laboratory to determine the required test parameters for soil, cement, concrete and bituminous materials required for pavement evaluation by destruction and non destruction methods. The firm is well equipped for the training of engineers, overseers, lab technicians and lab assistant in the field technical, road pavement tests including laboratory and in-situ tests.

At present, more than 25 staffs consisting of civil engineers, geologists, overseers, lab technicians, drillers and administrative staffs as well as part time staffs for community development and economy apart from the engineering disciplines are working in this firm.