Vision and Mission – Viswa Consult

Vision and Mission

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


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have a business goal and mission of providing high quality consulting and analytical testing services to government and commercial clients in the material test and geotechnical services.

Our vision is to be recognized by our clients as a preferred problem-solving applied research group, solving our clients’ specific needs in material test and geotechnical services by linking technology to solutions. We will achieve our mission by providing excellent service to our clients, continuing the development of our staff, contributing to our community, and operating with a high degree of quality and integrity.

Our core values define and characterize how we as Viswa Consult employees conduct ourselves in our drive for tangible, lasting results and are as indispensable to success as our unifying mission and vision. Our values include:

Safety– Provide a safe work environment with a corporate commitment.

Quality– Deliver quality services on time.

Customer Focus– Listen and understand the needs of our clients, through use of a flexible, diverse professional staff with strong leadership.

Results Driven – Solve problems through experience, education and innovation, yet meeting the needs of our clients within budget and follow-up to assure understanding of their report.



In today’s world, a company website is a very strong marketing tool which helps to connect with its customers. Various companies in Nepal develop their company website according to their objectives and services. There are many engineering consulting offices in Nepal in different locations with similar visions and services. So, to attract the customers more and more we have to give our customers ‘the reasons’ to choose us as their client/partners over other engineering consulting offices. Following may be ‘the reasons’ for the customers to choose us over other consulting offices:

  1. We schedule our work according to the days in a week. We divide our works into: a. Soil Investigation Works, b. Bitumen, c. Asphalt Mix Design, d. Cement, e. Concrete Mix Design, f. Report Writing, Trainings, week work review and others. We have 6 working days(Sunday-Friday) in a week. So, it may be better to divide our works into these 6 days. For example, if we decide to do only soil investigation and related works on Sundays it will definitely improve our management in the laboratory. Report writing and data entry will improve and the co-ordination between the persons in the laboratory will also get better.
  2. Besides the Central Material Testing Laboratory for Department of Roads, we are one of those consultancies which deal with bitumen and asphalt tests.
  3. We have our own material testing laboratory.