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Engineering Consulting Services

Viswa Consult Pvt. Ltd. has been providing consulting services to various clients all  over Nepal since its establishment in 1998.We provide consulting services for almost every kind of projects like constructions of roads, bridges, airports, commercial and non-commercial buildings, schools, substations of hydropower projects, etc.

  1. Road/Pavement Projects
    Department of Roads has constructed many highways, feeder roads and urban roads which link different parts of Nepal through all these years. As we are aware of the fact that Nepal is a predominantly mountainous country where nearly 70% of total area is covered by the hills and the mountains, there are many places in the hilly regions where there is a need of curvature design for the National Highways. We here at Viswa Consult Pvt. Ltd. provide the design of the curvature for hair pin bends in many such places as well as the pavement thickness based on the number of vehicles which passes through the points per day. We also provide the design for the feeder roads and the urban roads. Department of Roads has been constructing many roads all over Nepal all these years which connect several parts of the country. But, still there are many places in the higher mountainous regions where people cannot reach because of the difficulty of constructing roads in such areas.
  2. Bridge Projects
    There are so many bridges constructed in Nepal many of them are completed and others being constructed. Department of Roads has a branch especially for the supervision of the Suspension Bridges all over Nepal called Suspension Bridge Division. Another autonomous body Local Roads Bridge Programme(LRBP) too looks over the supervision of the bridges all over Nepal. Particularly after the Gorkha Earthquake, the bridges that were damaged are being reconstructed and there are needs for bridges at new places too.
  3. Commercial and Non-commercial Building Projects
    In major cities of the country, many commercial and non-commercial/residential buildings are also being constructed. Many of them are built with a purpose of building commercial complex, some of them are being built with a purpose of national assembly halls, some auditoriums for schools and others are residential buildings. Many of the remote villages of Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk districts have been severely damaged by the earthquake. So, there are many schools being built with the help of some foreign agencies like JICA and agencies from China. We provide designs for the structures for the buildings including which quality of materials like cements, aggregates, sand, reinforcement bars, etc. to use for the constructions.
  4. Hydropower Sub-Station/Transmission Line Projects
    Viswa Consult Pvt. Ltd. has been involved in several hydropower and transmission line projects over the years. We have been doing feasibility study of those projects and have been involved in design of sub stations of those projects.

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